This historical article was a precursor to "Zach Beane the sociopath".

Update, 26 august 2015: This article is now sort of historical, although I'd say it still has some relevance.

Forget the call to action, in the current circumstances that obviously can't work because of so many reasons. I'll probably explain later, though that would be easier to do once I've exposed how this community actually works in practice, in more details and more clearly than I already did. But I still think the "Zach Beane has always been a great manipulator" concept, and the fact that the CL mafia has tried to bury it, is incredibly informative.

Sorry, it's late and I have to sort of botch this article. I hope it's easy enough to follow.

... » Evidence

Today I posted a truth SO DAMAGING to the CL mafia that they went so far as RISKING A STREISAND EFFECT by ABUSING THE TWITTER REPORT TWEET FEATURE to censor it.
Fortunately, I was lucky enough to notice it.

Here's the CENSORED tweet in question (you should be able to see it normally with this direct link).

And here's the thread it's supposed to be in.

And here's my other tweet that directly "replies" to it, as an "add-on". If you find this other tweet in a thread but not its parent, something's fucked up (evidence of "report tweet" abuse).

I have a screenshot of the thread while logged in, that shows me the tweet in the thread's context. As expected.

But IF I LOG OUT, I cannot for the life of me find that particular tweet in the thread. (Forget that "View other replies" link, I tried it many times and it doesn't help.) It seems to me that twitter's "report tweet" feature has been ABUSED FOR CENSORSHIP for that specific tweet. And very quickly. Unfortunately I'm too tired to calculate the timezone differences between the tweet date and the screenshot date so that will have to wait.

I'm sure that the CL mafia will come up with plenty of lame excuses, as usual. They are very swift, smart and well-organized, and available 24/7. And I'm going to sleep soon, so they'll have plenty of time to do damage control while I'm away. Unfortunately I'm quite tired so I have to botch the first version of this article.

I expect the I marvel at how you erased half of my hatred in one shot, you adorable fucker. part of the tweet as justification for reporting the tweet, but that's BULLCRAP. It's just mildly colored language. As far as I know, only THAT SPECIFIC TWEET has been reported and I talk like this all the time.

As for calling someone a "great manipulator", I don't see why it would shock people so much if it wasn't true. It's clear that the CL mafia has been involved here. This truth coming out would definitely fuck up their plans, which is why IT MUST SPREAD!

... » Call to action

Update, 26 august 2015: Forget the call to action.


  2. Confirm for yourself that the CENSORED tweet still exists.
  3. Confirm for yourself that YOU CANNOT FIND the CENSORED tweet in its thread, no matter how many "expands" you do.
  4. Once you have done that, and have assured yourself that I'm sort of making sense, here, PLEASE RETWEET MY TWEET LINKING TO THIS ARTICLE. I'll pin it to my profile. The CL mafia has been keeping me down for years with their collusion and corruption. PLEASE help me fight back! I'm going to need all the help I can get to fight back against this monstrous and well-entrenched Machine!
  5. You may want to follow me on twitter to follow the CL mafia saga! Please lend me your support! I will be forever grateful!