1. I lost interest in the phoe shit. I don't have time to fight his stupid bullshit.

    (I still reserve the right to take any actions I deem worthwhile regarding this (nut)case.)

    edit, 25 may 2021: As of today, I am no longer tracking phoe's scams. Goodbye, phoe.

    edit, 25 september 2021: I consolidated the phoe shit.

    edit, 10 october 2021: I audited all links and fixed the few that were broken.

  2. Michał Herda (phoe) definitely has Histrionic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder.
    (As I said, he needs (even more) psychiatric help IMMEDIATELY, and his profound mental illness will continue deteriorating exponentially until properly treated.)

    If any or all of this sounds in any way far-fetched to you, then this simply means that you don't know JACKSHIT about phoe. Proving all this good stuff would be relatively straightforward given everything I know (I certainly already proved it to myself), but it would still probably take several months of extremely soul-crushing work to do it to a level of quality that I would deem fit for publication.

    You'll understand that I'd much rather work on my roadmap, especially since this will automatically debunk one of his stupidest fraudulent claims. Also, his immediate or eventual reaction to my fun little post here will almost inevitably prove every single point I just made, once again hurting me, my work and by extension the Common Lisp community to the sole benefit of the Common Lisp mafia, of which he is effectively the spokesperson. (Did I mention that sociopaths regularly manipulate mentally ill people into doing their bidding?)

    I am once again destroying my already nearly non-existent funding prospects in the interest of ethical disclosure and for the benefit of the nearly dead, broken almost beyond repair Common Lisp community, and according to historical trends, it is almost entirely guaranteed that I alone will pay the price, with zero or nearly zero support from the community. This is getting old, guys.

    Why is it that the one guy who has been consistently telling the truth with nearly zero opposition for YEARS is somehow perceived and/or represented as having no credibility, while some random demagogue just has to post a bunch of stupid scams to immediately be hailed as a hero? I'll tell you why, it's because in a sociopathic world, telling the truth is "toxic".

    When I "declare[d] phoe as being the single biggest threat to the Common Lisp community right now", this wasn't some kind of fucking joke. In any sane community, he would have been immediately laughed out of the room months ago, but of course, in our insane community, he is free to do infinite damage as long as it serves the interests of the tiny self-serving corrupt elite. And now, the situation is so fucking desperate that I am ethically required to explain this entire stupid fucking situation here (past 3 fucking AM), thereby feeding his stupid fucking narcissistic supply.

    Let's fix the Common Lisp community, bitches! Grow a fucking spine, I'm tired of hauling shit...

    edit: Here is more context.

    edit, 24 march 2021 at 10:20AM:
    Phoe posted his first reasonable response in 3+ months, which is extremely surprising.

    edit, 27 march 2021: Phoe already resumed posting yet more stupid fucking scams, which is extremely unsurprising. By the way, I poured thousands of dollars into the Common Lisp community, and I could and would have poured thousands more if he hadn't scammed away all my prospective sponsors. But let's lose our shit over a few dozen dollars, eh?

    edit, same day: I slightly updated the first line of this post, which was frighteningly accurate.
    At this time, I can confirm that phoe is a low-functioning malignant narcissistic sociopath.

    I had warned since the very first version of this post that his immediate or eventual reaction to my fun little post here will almost inevitably prove every single point I just made, and this has indeed already come to pass, and will get ever more confirmed at an ever accelerating pace over time.

    I have been unable to keep track of phoe's countless stupid fucking scams for a while now, but I'll state that I obviously never bought traffic for any of my sites (duh), and he just retweeted a guy that falsely claimed that I spit on Fukamachi's reputation while knowing full well that I have been giving him a big endorsement since 2 march 2021, just below.

    Phoe is incentivized to produce ever stupider scams to flaunt his invincibility, since he knows I don't have enough firepower to stop him alone and it is virtually guaranteed that I won't get any help whatsoever. Phoe is relentlessly demonstrating, through his actions, that the Common Lisp community is as broken as I have always said, or perhaps even more, and the very sociopathic framework that I have been extensively denouncing for years is the very cornerstone of his rise.

    edit, 10 april 2021:
    It is trivial to debunk the grotesquely stupid notion that I bought traffic for my website, and it is nearly guaranteed phoe will not retract his stupid fucking scam in light of this information:

    From 12 august 2020 to 8 october 2020, I released a whopping 7 new fully documented libraries in quick succession over the span of less than 2 months, the most important of which is compatible-metaclasses, which was extremely hard to write and completely solves an important problem very simply. These 7 consecutive new library releases alone brought in a FUCKTON of LEGITIMATE traffic to HexstreamSoft:

    1. All of these were announced on the HexstreamSoft front page.
      Frequently updated sites tend to attract sustained interest and repeat visitors.
    2. All of these were added to GitHub, generating new repo notifications to ~75 followers.
    3. All of these were announced on my twitter. (Almost all long-time followers at this point.)
    4. All of these were requested to be added to Quicklisp, and were subsequently added.
      Around 50 people watch the quicklisp-projects repo.
    5. All of these were added to CLiki. I believe many people are subscribed to the change log.
    6. All of these were automatically promoted by NewLispProjects.
    7. 6 of these were promoted all at once in the September 2020 Quicklisp dist announcement. This post linked to the home page of my 6 new libraries on my site, and was automatically forwarded to Planet Lisp, whose RSS feed and twitter account (currently 3399 followers) are hugely popular and influential in the Common Lisp community. I attached a nice announcement on the corresponding Planet Lisp tweet, even giving special thanks to Xach.

    (Complementary proof: B. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) D. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) E. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) F. (1 2 3 4 5 6 7))

    Additionally, to help further propel the site upwards, I milked the resulting entirely legitimate continuous increase in Alexa stats (and associated absolutely insane engagement metrics) to high heaven, concurrently becoming the #1 Common Lisp site on Alexa and even getting a mention from Peter Seibel (8000+ followers). I also made a nice post on LinkedIn (a high engagement platform where I was already surprisingly well-connected) which was moderately successful, with 7 reactions and almost 400 views. I also announced a big update to my biggest article ever, and place-modifiers (one of my very conceptually interesting libraries, update pending) got featured on Lisp Project of the Day; this was automatically forwarded to Planet Lisp and Alexander Artemenko promoted my library on his twitter (currently 1340 followers) as part of the feature.

    Needless to say, all these interested visitors discovered the other tons of relevant content on the site, which easily explains the absolutely insane engagement metrics sustained over several months.

    So, all of this easily and comprehensively explains the big legitimate surge in Alexa rank.
    Oh, but what about the big subsequent decline? Fortunately, that's even easier to explain:

    After my 7th consecutive library release, it was high time I started preparing for the fundraiser, as I had about a month left before 10 november 2020, which was the projected launch date for the fundraiser since my GitHub Sponsors doubler was set to expire on 11 december 2020. So I worked on the many aspects of that (so no new library releases), and then phoe completely broke my momentum with his barrage of stupid fucking scams (even locking me out of my twitter for calling out his doxing, thereby preventing me from advertising my new library releases to my followers), else I would just have continued pumping out important libraries like canonicalized-initargs, and they would have been fully documented.

    The hare is pretty far ahead, but the tortoise will win before 1 january 2022.

    edit, 23 may 2021: So anyway, I casually debunked phoe's stupid Traffic Scam after 2 weeks, he immediately threw a stupid tantrum and needed emotional support (lol), and then on top of that on 5 may 2021 he was finally forced to delete his 2 stupid Gist Scams (including the Traffic Scam). Surprisingly, he wisely decided not to immediately repost them elsewhere, which seems to imply that even he understands what an unmitigated disaster his stupid fucking scams are.

    He replaced (edited in-place) his 2 Gist Scams with 2 identical copies of a bizarre new scam (the Whiny Scam), which I don't much care about except to say that I really feel for GitHub's Trust and Safety team for having to process (and largely ignore) his stupid reports and then getting publicly harassed by him for not immediately and unquestioningly giving him his candy like twitter did. He got GitHub to force me to censor some stuff, and then almost immediately nullified whatever value that might have had by highlighting the censored and original texts and falsely claiming GitHub did nothing about his report. What's the strategy here, exactly? Anyway, to wrap up:

    I lost interest in the phoe shit. I don't have time to fight his stupid bullshit.

    (I still reserve the right to take any actions I deem worthwhile regarding this (nut)case.)

    Ah, just one last thing, because this is just too surreal. Michael Fiano (mfiano) accuses me of "not even [partaking] in any of the popular forums to voice [my] opinions", which is of course deeply hilarious given his central role in this outcome. No longer content with just destroying the Common Lisp community, now he feels a need to smear that shit right in our faces, too! Unbelievable.

    Oh, but wait! I am Attacking Lispers™ again!! Isn't it deeply hilarious that I nearly always end up attacking the same handful of colluding super corrupt people in the community? And now they're shitting their pants and desperately throwing everything, anything against the wall in an attempt to stop me, and they can't, and the best way I have to humiliate them is to continue working on my libraries. Isn't that grand?!

    It seems I can finally (largely?) return to my previous long-standing policy of never arguing with mentally ill people. Unfortunately, there is not much I can (efficiently) do to fix the Common Lisp community until my second web framework is done, and this will take years. (Fortunately, I will be dropping some truly earth-shattering technical contributions even before I start my second web framework.) Who ever said it would be easy? (Well, it would have been hilariously easy if it hadn't been for the sociopaths...)

    Oh, one last last thing: I slightly updated Phoe's Hierarchy of Scam Artistry, replacing "Neurological Damage" with "Malignant Narcissism". I hope it soothes his mind.

    edit, 25 may 2021: As of today, I am no longer tracking phoe's scams. Goodbye, phoe.